Almond Cake in a Food Processor


You know the author photos you see on the back flap of cookbooks? Imagine if one of them started talking to you.

That’s how I felt last week when I announced on Twitter that I was making Amanda Hesser’s almond cake (one of my all-time favorite desserts, recipe here) and Amanda Hesser herself, who’s a prolific Twitterer, Tweeted back: “I have a new way of doing the almond cake: mix butter, sugar, almond paste, eggs, sour cream & extract in a food processor.”

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Twitter Updates, On The Side

You’ll notice on the left side of the page, above our Flickr pool (which is so awesome, by the way; thanks to all of you uploading pictures!) you can now follow my Twitter feed. So now there’s an extra reason to visit my page a thousand times a day: you can see what I’m doing EVERY SECOND of EVERY MOMENT of the day. What am I doing right now? I don’t even know, I better check my Twitter feed. I’m all atwitter with Twittering. Thanks to Ben my old/new programmer for setting this up!

Twitter & Plodt

Amanda Hesser e-mailed me recently to tell me about the new project she’s working on called Plodt: “It gives you a way, using Twitter, to keep track of things in your life. I’ve been keeping track of (and rating) the food I cook and eat, and there are a handful of other people doing the same.”

Plodt plots a graph of various elements which you create and score by putting a word and number at the end of your Twitter post framed by two asterisks. For example, “I just had the best sandwich of my life! *food 10*.”

It makes much more sense when you follow other people who are doing it; so, to that end, here are the links to both my Twitter page and my Plodt page as well as Amanda Hesser’s.

Adam’s Twitter

Adam’s Plodt

Amanda’s Twitter

Amanda’s Plodt

Why don’t you join us? Leave the links to your Plodt page in the comments.