The Story of the Time That I Ate $4 Toast


Welcome to San Francisco. Actually, we’re not in San Francisco anymore but we were there last week because Craig had the chance to screen his movie (The Skeleton Twins) at Pixar and the San Francisco Film Festival and Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig came along with us and it was a pretty incredible five days and I’ll tell you all about them in my next post. Let’s focus on the important stuff. On my first free day there, I beelined for a place called The Mill to experience the cultural phenomenon du jour: $4 toast. Everyone’s talking about it. Some people are angry about it. Me? I wanted to eat it.

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Women with Food on Their Faces in Recent Movies


I noticed a curious phenomenon yesterday at the movies. I was seeing “Sex and the City 2” (which I expected to hate and actually enjoyed) when a trailer for the new Drew Barrymore romantic comedy “Going the Distance” came on screen. And in this mildly amusing trailer, Drew Barrymore gets BBQ sauce all over her face (screenshot above) and Justin Long kisses it off. Ok, fair enough.

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