The Taste Test: Chocolate

Above you’ll see the first video in my latest video series for I got the idea for this show while reading Kim Severson’s book “Spoon Fed.” On pg. 49 she writes, “To understand good chocolate, you have to know bad chocolate, and you should experience them side by side. It’s a method that has helped me through the years, whether I am tasting water, salt, milk, ground beef or any other food that might not seem to have much variation.”

And thus the idea for this show: a show where I taste three foods (all of the same kind) side-by-side to compare and contrast them. The above episode features chocolate (I can’t tell you the brands yet, but I may be able to in the comments once approved by F.N.) Future episodes include salt, peanut butter, Chardonnay, honey, and 20 other exciting topics. If you have ideas for taste tests you’d like me to try, let me know in the comments!