Michael Jackson Tribute Cookies


My mom was the one who called me last week with the news. I was working with a friend and totally unprepared for the message my mom had to deliver. “Did you hear who died?” “Yes,” I said, “Farrah Fawcett.” “No,” she said. “Did you hear who else?” “No, who?” I ran through possible celebrity deaths in my head. Or was it someone we knew? “Michael Jackson,” said mom.

Almost instantly I repeated those words: “Michael Jackson.” And my friend’s wife yelled out from the other room: “Michael Jackson died?” It was the kind of sentence you don’t expect to say and then when you do say it, or when you hear it, you liked it better when that sentence didn’t exist. Such was the case with those awful words, “Michael Jackson died.”

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Susan Boyled Potatoes


If you’ve been alive in the last week, you’ve no doubt heard of Susan Boyle. She comes from Scotland–Blackburn, West Lothian to be exact–and has taken the world (and YouTube) by storm with her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent in which the audience, dubious of her looks, her dress and her speaking style, got put in their place the second she started singing–by the end, they were electrified. Let’s go to the tape:

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