The Top 10 Junk Food Ads Targeted At Kids

It’s news today that Disney is no longer going to air junk food ads targeted at kids. And though this certainly is a step forward in the battle against childhood obesity, I can’t help but feel a certain nostalgia for the junk food ads that were targeted at me in my childhood. Craig and I started the day today recalling our favorite junk food ads growing up and I had the idea to compile them into a list. What follows is certainly subjective, but even if these commercials don’t ring any memory bells, they’re worth watching for the insidious ways that they ensnare children into buying their products.

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Does Food Writing Matter?


[Photo credit, Dallas Observer]

By this point it’s old news that Sam Sifton, restaurant critic for The New York Times, has stepped down from his job after only two years. It’s a pretty short run for a restaurant critic, and his reasons for stepping down have been explained matter-of-factly: he’s going to become the Times’s national editor. That means instead of covering Parmesan flan and celery leaf sorbet he’ll be focusing his energies on issues such as the debt crisis, the job crisis and any other crisis that creeps up before the next Presidential election.

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Big News: The Next Book!


A few weeks ago, something extraordinary happened.

To understand the extraordinariness of this extraordinary thing, we have to rewind a month or two. I’d been working with an excellent agent, Alison Fargis of The Stonesong Press (who I was introduced to by Matt & Renato of Baked) on a new book proposal. This was a different direction for me; my first book was a book of essays, this proposal was for a cookbook. After eight months of revisions and back-and-forth, the proposal was ready to go out. And a few weeks after it went out, Alison called me and asked if I was sitting down.

“Artisan wants to meet with you,” she said, the excitement obvious in her voice. “This is a really big deal!”

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Bea Arthur’s Lamb

bea.jpgMany of us were saddened this weekend to learn that Bea Arthur died. I grew up watching “The Golden Girls” with my great-grandmother, Helen, and to this day, when I need a break, I’ll watch an episode or two on Lifetime. What many of you may not know is that Bea Arthur had a one-woman show on Broadway a few years ago that began with the line: “I’d like to talk to you about lamb. Specifically, leg of …” The recipe is rather general but the story that goes with it is pretty great.

[See also this L.A. Times story that covers the recipe too.]