I Can Cook Too

I’m about to make dinner, but after discovering “On The Town” on Spotify this morning I found myself Googling the show (it’s one of Leonard Bernstein’s first musicals) and reading about Lea Delaria’s scene-stealing performance of the song “I Can Cook Too” in the 1998 revival. There it is above and I liked it so much, I had to share it here. Also: I think it’d make a swell theme song for a cooking show.

Waiter, Don’t Take My Plate Away

Back in the old days of my blog, I used to write Thursday Night Dinner Songs. Those files went missing, I got older and more self-conscious, and the days of food related songs on my blog were over. But tonight I Tweeted that I wanted to write a country song called: “Waiter, Don’t Take My Plate Away” (because so many servers take our plates away before we’re finished) and was surprised to see it get ReTweeted many, many times. So then I thought: “What if I actually write it?” I sat down at the piano, took out a notepad, and created the song you can hear up above. A few notes: (1) sorry that you can see up my nostrils; (2) sorry that I turn blue every few seconds; (3) yes, it sounds like Dolly Parton’s “Why’d You Come In Here Looking Like That?”; and (4) I know I’m not a great singer, which is why I’d love for you to record your own version of the song….

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We Fell in Love with New Orleans


We were walking to dinner in a large group when the parade began to pass. I’d heard of jazz funerals, where the friends and family of the recently deceased march through the streets with music and dancing, a celebration of life in the face of death. This wasn’t that. This was a wedding parade; with a band and parasols and white handkerchiefs being waved. Here, I shot a video.

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The Chairman Song

In honor of his holiness The Chairman, ruler of Kitchen Stadium on “Iron Chef America,” I present to you an original composition, words and music and screechy singing by yours truly. Allez “The Chairman Song!”

If you love this and want to embed it on your blog, go here. If you’d like to sing along with the lyrics, click ahead…

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The Grilling Episode

You were probably wondering where the music was last week. Well, I had something up my sleeve: this week’s episode of the FN Dish (click here) features a song written and performed by yours truly. Again, this week is a quirkier Adam-like episode so hopefully fans of last week’s will enjoy this too. And if you love it, please link to it, e-mail it, embed it on your blog. Thanks!

I Take Requests

Did you know that I used to play the piano at a restaurant in Boca Raton? Yes, at the Boca Raton Hotel, I’d sit in the middle of their lunch buffet at a baby grand and crank out light musack while people nibbled on shrimp salad and white asparagus. To prove that I’ve still got my chops, I’m taking requests. In the comments below request a song (just one song!) and I’ll do my best to honor the first 10. Then you can bring your plate to the computer and eat while I entertain you in a corresponding video…. If you like, this can be a weekly ritual. Music while you eat! Which other food blogger offers THAT?

Music Week Wrap-Up

Thanks everyone for indulging me/us this Music Week. In case you weren’t able to watch the videos–or, in case you loved them so much you want to put those songs on your iPod (please let me know if you do: I know a good therapist)–here are all four tracks in mp3 form. Have a great weekend!

The Malted Milk Ice-Cream Song

The Lasagna Song

Falafel Love

Fro-Yo (A Mini-Musical)

[Click to listen to the songs online. Right-click to download to your desktop, import to your iTunes, and enjoy these songs on repeat every day for the rest of your life…]