A Menu for December (Parsnip Soup, Beef and Mushroom Stew, Ginger Cake)


We got a tree, a Christmas tree, and it’s my first one–Rabbi Schlomo, plug your ears–and it’s making our apartment seem so festive. Somehow I thought getting a tree would be a big ordeal: with the lights and the stand and the balls and the baubles. But, actually, it was a totally easy process. On the advice of my friend John, we went to the Target in Eagle Rock where we stocked up on all the tree necessities (a tree skirt, to attract male trees; lights, balls, etc.) and then we bought a tree right outside at a pop-up tree farm. The tree came on a stand so we just carried it through the door, stood it up, and started wiring the lights. Voila. Now all we had to do was to have people over to enjoy the tree, which is why I spent some time figuring out the perfect December menu.

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Planning A Dinner Menu

Good morning! Like my bed-head? That’s me at this very moment trying to plan tonight’s dinner menu. I’m having a few friends over this evening and I’m in Phase One of the process: figuring out what I’m going to make. Usually I keep this process to myself but today I’ve decided to share it with you in the hopes that maybe you’ll get something out of it. By the end of this post, I’ll have my menu set.

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Collecting Vintage Menus to Hang in My Kitchen


I’m not sure how the idea came to me. How did it come to me?

Ok, I was in San Francisco, staying with my friends Kristen & Felix, and I had a bit of a cold (another illness! Proof that I’m dying?) While coughing and sneezing in their guest bedroom, I was noodling around on the internet and found myself on E-Bay. And while on E-Bay (a site I rarely visit) I had the sudden idea to search for vintage menus. And a new addiction was born….

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Cooking Live with Special Guest Cole Escola (10/7/10, 5:30 PM)

So the last time I tried to cook for you live from my kitchen (remember?), I had trouble balancing the art of entertainment with the art of doing dishes. This time around, we have a very special guest to help us out in that regard: TV’s own COLE ESCOLA! Best known for his work on Logo’s “Jeffery & Cole Casserole,” Cole has also appeared on “Law & Order” (his episode, in which he plays an autistic 16 year old, airs again tonight (10/7) at 6 on TNT.) Cole will help me field questions in the chat room while I go about making dinner. Now for the menu: whatever shall I make? See you here with Cole, Thursday, at 5:30!

UPDATE: Thanks everyone who came! We had 67 people watching. The video is archived and playable above.