The 10 Best Things That I’ve Eaten Recently That I Forgot To Tell You About


Loyal Amateur Gourmet readers, it’s time to come clean: I’ve been a bad blogger lately. It’s been a busy time for me here in L.A. but the hard part is that I really can’t get into why it’s so busy, just trust me that I haven’t really had time to devote to the blog. Can you forgive me? What if I share a bunch of really good things that I’ve cooked/eaten recently, will that make things better? OK, let’s try that. In random order….

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The Clean Plate Club, Episode #10: Barrett Foa, Suzanne Tracht

I was positively giddy about this week’s Clean Plate Club guests: Barrett Foa, who first entered my consciousness as the star of Avenue Q on Broadway and who’s now a regular on one of the most popular shows in the country (NCIS: Los Angeles) and Top Chef Master and culinary legend Suzanne Tracht, chef/owner of Jar. With these guests, we got to talk about two of my favorite subjects: cooking and musical theater! Oh and deforestation. Just kidding, we didn’t talk about deforestation. But here’s some other stuff that’s covered…

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