Where Do You Escape For A Chocolate Dessert?


There are chocolate people and there are non-chocolate people and, for most of my life, I’ve identified as a non-chocolate person. As I’ve gotten older, though, my taste for chocolate has grown–perhaps as a corollary to my taste for coffee. Both are bitter, by nature, and tempered (based on your preference) with various amounts of sugar. So when I’m craving chocolate and I’m out on the town, where do I go? I go to the following places for a cure-all-your-problems chocolate fix!

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The Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie at Jacques Torres


Citizens of America, it is my duty to inform you about something unholy, something sinful that is going on in that wicked city known as New York. Deep in the bowels of a village known as “West” is a veritable Sodom & Gomorrah of chocolate whose creator, a Frenchman!, is trying to tempt our children into evil with a contraption known as the “cookie warmer.” This sick device results in the dangerous, corrupting specimen you see above!

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