The Clean Plate Club, Episode #8: Mark Heyman, Ben Leventhal (Hosted By Kitchensurfing)

Conflict! Drama! Confrontation! Yes, they’re all here in today’s episode of The Clean Plate Club. Our guests are two distinguished gentlemen. The first, Mark Heyman, is a good friend and the author of a little movie you may have heard of called Black Swan. How that movie came about and how Mark approached writing it makes up a good part of today’s podcast, so you get to hear the full behind-the-scenes saga. Our other guest, Ben Leventhal, was recently named The Most Important Food Blogger of All Time by First We Feast. Considering the fact that he co-founded, arguably the most important and widely-read restaurant news site in existence, you can see why he deserves it. Ben is also the president of a new company called Kitchensurfing which hosted our dinner on this particular eve. The site pairs up normal people like you and me with chefs who will come over to your house or apartment and make a dinner for you and your friends based on a budget you set. On the night of our podcast, our chef was the highly talented Tahoma Hauptman.

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Are Food Blogs Over?

[Image from Roboppy’s Flickr via Slashfood.]

In this week’s New York Magazine, there’s a story about a 27-year old who spends most of her life and her money eating out at trendy, of-the-moment restaurants. To be honest, I didn’t read the article—that’s the side of the food world I have zero interest in (fad-following)—but one line (highlighted by Eater) stood out for me to the point that I’ve been thinking a lot about it: “The food blogs are still big, but they really had their moment in the early aughts.”

At first, I rolled my eyes. But then I scratched my head. I mean, I don’t agree with the time frame—if food blogs had their moment, they were in the late aughts—but the larger question that this glib statement poses is a good one: are food blogs over?

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The Food Blogger Episode

This week’s FN Dish may be my favorite so far. First of all, it’s the first one I actually wrote as a script–so it has a lot more of my voice in it, something that many of you may have felt was missing. Second of all, it features three of my favorite bloggers: Ed Levine from Serious Eats, Luisa Weiss from The Wednesday Chef and Amanda Kludt from Eater. Thirdly, we have a special celebrity guest from America’s Next Top Model. Plus, you learn all about food blogging and starting a food blog. So make sure to click the link above or click here or just type in and go that way. Once you’re there: rate it, leave comments and if you love it embed it on your blog. And if you want to know more about starting a food blog, check out my essays: How To Start a Food Blog, More Blogging Advice, and How To Make Your Food Blog Popular.