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The Best Doughnuts in L.A. (A Comic Odyssey)

November 2, 2011 | By Adam Roberts | 1 Comment


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Random L.A. Bites at In-N-Out Burger, Bob’s Doughnuts, Commissary, Golden State & Canter’s

August 11, 2011 | By Adam Roberts | 0 Comments


Last week was such a hectic week searching for an apartment in L.A., I wasn’t able to do my usual business of researching restaurants, plotting dinners and constructing photo essays for you, my hungry readers. (Exception: Loteria & Gjelina.) We did, however, enjoy many random bites that I photographed, dutifully, in the hopes of writing a post like this one you’re about to read. So buckle your seatbelts!

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The Jewish Doughnut

June 12, 2011 | By Adam Roberts | 0 Comments

This is a sponsored review from BlogHer and Kraft.


When I think “cream cheese” I think “bagel.” Which is why, when BlogHer asked me to develop cream cheese recipes for Philadelphia cream cheese’s “Real Women of Philadelphia” campaign, my immediate thought was: “How can I riff on my favorite food of all time—ok, second favorite food next to pasta—a bagel with lox and cream cheese?”

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What We Ate in Portland, Oregon

January 5, 2011 | By Adam Roberts | 0 Comments


I am doing something now called convalescing which, in dictionary terms, means I’m recovering from an illness: specifically, the flu, which hit me like a ton of bricks Monday morning and kept me in bed, motionless, for 48 some-odd hours. Now I’m starting to get the twinkle back in my eye and I’m glad that’s the case because I had so much I wanted to blog about this week! Specifically, this year’s trip to the Pacific Northwest.

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How To Make Doughnuts

November 2, 2009 | By Adam Roberts | 0 Comments

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who can delay gratification and those who can’t. The following video, our latest from Food2.com, explores this subject with two recipes for doughnuts; one for those who like slow authentic doughnuts (recipe courtesy of Emily Isaac from Trois Pommes Patisserie in Park Slope) and the other for those who like ‘em fast and dirty (recipe courtesy of our friend Krisse, my director Josh’s wife (you can see her making them in an old post here)). These recipes are like mirrors; whichever one you choose will reveal the real person within. So which are you: slow and authentic or fast and dirty? Choose a doughnut and choose YOUR DESTINY.

Food Party

July 1, 2008 | By Adam Roberts | 14 Comments

I think I might have a new favorite cooking show:

To see all the episodes, click here. [via Metafilter]

Jon Stewart, Jiminy Glick & Doughnuts

July 24, 2007 | By Adam Roberts | 8 Comments

If you don’t laugh, we can’t be friends:

Primetime Glick
Martin Short – Jon Stewart
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