The Food at Disneyland


You may recall a post from April 2009 (see here) in which Craig and I sampled the food at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida while Craig was attending the Florida Film Festival. If you don’t want to click, I’ll sum it up for you: the food sucked. We ate corn dogs and bad Mexican food at the Mexican pavilion. It was fine theme park food but nothing that deserved attention on a food blog; though many passionate Disney fans chided me in the comments, pointing out our terrible decisions and defending Disney as a decent dining destination, if you know where to go.

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Hospital Food


Last Tuesday morning, Craig complained of a stomach ache that didn’t feel like an ordinary stomach ache. Right away my mind went to “appendix” and though Craig was reluctant at first to admit that this might be the case, after spending a few seconds on WebMD, he was convinced–based on the location of the pain (lower right abdomen)–that appendicitis was the most likely prognosis. And so it was that we hopped into a car and drove to the closest emergency room at Kaiser Permanente on Sunset.

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One Night in Bangkok (Dinner & Dessert in Hollywood’s Thai Town)


The end-of-the-day meal is a funny thing. For people who spend their days away from home, working in offices or out in the field, nothing’s more appealing, after a hard day’s work, than returning to the place where you live, lured in by the smell of a chicken roasting in the oven or the prospect of a crisp glass of white wine waiting for you on the kitchen counter.

Then there are those of us who work from home. If, like me, you spend your days at your computer, occasionally popping into the kitchen to cut yourself a slice of cake, when the end of the day comes, you’ve got a hankering to leave and to experience the world. And that’s a healthy thing except when your partner fits Category A, and there you are in Category B, that can spell trouble.

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Mo-Chica & A Sunday Supper at Lucques


Zach Brooks, who created the blog Midtown Lunch, moved from New York to L.A. over a year ago. From my perspective, he’s been like the canary in the coal mine; the fact that he not only survived the move but is flourishing out here gave me inspiration to move here too. And, of course, once I got here we quickly made plans to hang out. I told Zach to pick a place, which was a tough task seeing as he’s done such a thorough job of canvasing the city on Midtown Lunch L.A. After a few e-mail exchanges we decided to go to Mo-Chica, which Zach described as “this unbelievable Peruvian place located in a weird food court just south of Downtown.”

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“True Adolescents” is here!

Many of you know that my partner, Craig Johnson (the guy you see in all of my posts), is a filmmaker. His first feature, TRUE ADOLESCENTS is finally here and I’m so excited that you, my loyal readers, will finally be able to see it. The movie stars Mark Duplass (who you may know as the co-director of “Cyrus” and the star of many indies, including “Humpday” and the FX show “The League”) as the misfit nephew of Academy Award-winner Melissa Leo. When his girlfriend throws him out of their apartment, Duplass comes to stay with Leo and Leo asks a favor: will he take her son and his best friend on the camping trip she promised them? The movie follows their adventure to the Olympic peninsula (remember when I went there to help scout for the movie?) and what ensues is both hilariously funny, slightly shocking and very, very moving.

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We’re Moving To L.A.!


I’m really bad with a secret. No, really. Case in point: I wasn’t supposed to share this particular secret until 12 PM, but I couldn’t hold it in any longer. You see, Craig just accepted an amazingly cool job offer in L.A. (more on that later) and we just gave notice here in New York that we’re leaving. And so, my loyal readers, a grand adventure awaits: Craig and I are moving to L.A. on September 1st!

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