Joan Nathan’s Challah-Making Video

When I want to make Jewish food, I always use my copy of Joan Nathan’s Jewish Cooking in America. It’s a terrific book and the recipes are excellent; so with Rosh Hashanah coming tomorrow, I’m inspired by this video of Nathan making challah from scratch, which I found via Food52. My favorite part is when she braids the dough (“Outside over two, next to last to the outside, outside over two, next to last to the outside”) but the whole thing is a treat to watch. Now when my grandmother calls me tomorrow and asks me how I’m celebrating (normally, a guilt-inducing moment), I can say: “Oh, just making my own challah. How about you?”

Challah Bread French Toast


This is a highly unnecessary post, especially if you’ve seen my post “Easy French Toast.” That’s my go-to French Toast recipe and the only difference between that recipe and this recipe is the bread. So why write this post at all? Because the difference between making French Toast with white sandwich bread (as I did in that old post) and making it with challah bread (as I do in this post) is like the difference between building a fort with pillows and blankets vs. building a fort with bricks, mortar and cannons. This French Toast blasts the other French Toast apart.

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