Where Do You Escape For A Chocolate Dessert?


There are chocolate people and there are non-chocolate people and, for most of my life, I’ve identified as a non-chocolate person. As I’ve gotten older, though, my taste for chocolate has grown–perhaps as a corollary to my taste for coffee. Both are bitter, by nature, and tempered (based on your preference) with various amounts of sugar. So when I’m craving chocolate and I’m out on the town, where do I go? I go to the following places for a cure-all-your-problems chocolate fix!

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Where Do You Escape For Pre-Dinner Cocktails?


Here in 2012, cocktails are so omnipresent it’s almost impossible to imagine a restaurant meal without them. If you’re on a date, it might be tempting to have your cocktails and your dinner all at the same venue to save time and psychic energy deciding where to go. But that would be a mistake. Your date will only be enhanced by having your cocktail at a different venue: that way you double your conversation topics (the scenery, the waiter, the music, etc). So here are five cocktail joints that I highly recommend for your pre-dinner cocktails.

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Where Do You Escape For A Romantic Dinner?


Sometimes the most romantic restaurants are the ones that don’t present themselves as romantic restaurants. Other times, you want all of the trappings of a romantic dinner spot, Lady and the Tramp style. In my life, I tend to avoid traditionally romantic restaurants on occasions where romance is expected (Valentine’s Day, our anniversary). Instead, I just think of those days as opportunities to splurge on a nice meal, regardless of venue. And sometimes that decision comes back to bite me: cerebral food in a sterile environment does not a romantic dinner make. So, when I make up my mind to turn up the dial on romance, these are the restaurants that totally do the trick.

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Where Do You Escape For Pre-Dinner Oysters?


I’m a late bloomer when it comes to oysters. It’s not that I’d been squeamish (though I had seen the Punky Brewster episode where an oyster falls down her blouse when she’s adopted by rich parents) or concerned about eating something recently alive. It’s more that it felt risky; like: “Who knows where that oyster came from? It could be from someone’s bathtub!” Getting over my issues didn’t take much; it just took a platter of oysters with friends consumed by the beach. No other food better captures a sense of environment than oysters. Eating them, no matter where you are, you’re instantly transported to the water, to a glass of chilled white wine, even if you’re not drinking a glass of chilled white wine. Here are my five favorite oyster experiences so far, perfect for a pre-dinner date.

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