The Burger at Lure Fishbar


For years, I’ve walked past Lure Fishbar in SoHo. You can’t miss it, really: there are portholes for windows and the restaurant, which is below ground, is styled like a yacht.

I can’t say I was dying to eat there, but then word on the street was that their burger was one of the best below 14th street. That’s what William Tigertt claimed on Eater, and then Adam Kuban echoed it on A Hamburger Today: “This burger really is all that Mr. Tigertt describes.”

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A Year in Burgers

2009-03-16-Minetta-burger2.jpgNick Solares celebrates one year of reviewing burgers for “A Hamburger Today” with an impressive burger round-up. “I ate some of the best burgers of my life in the last year, such as the classic cheeseburger from JG Melon, the aforementioned Minetta Tavern Black Label burger and its predecessor (now called the City Black Blend) at City Burger, and the ever popular Shake Shack.” For the record, my favorite New York burgers are the ones at Prune (lunch only) and The Burger Joint.

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