Workout Journal, Day 7

November 8, 2011 | By | COMMENTS

Today’s workout flew by (thanks to “Sex and The City” & the Chris March show on Bravo; I flipped back and forth between the two). It was a “bonus day” so that means just pounding it on the treadmill (no muscle-building circuits). It’s crazy when, during the interval training, it gets up to Speed 8. Then you’re really running for your life. I like it.

But I’m starting to fret a bit about the difficulty of seeing real changes when I can’t really focus on my diet the way normal people do who want to get in shape. I’m being good on Mondays and Tuesdays and mostly Wednesdays. Yesterday I had a tuna sandwich on whole wheat for lunch, a butternut squash chicken stew for dinner; today for lunch I had quinoa and a “fatouche” salad at Forage. Tonight I’ll probably have more of that chicken stew or, if I can convince Craig, we’ll go out for sushi. Tomorrow, I’m thinking a turkey sandwich for lunch. Not sure about dinner.

And then Thursday I’m throwing another dinner party and there will be Decadence! Appetizer, entree, sides and dessert. And I will eat it all, not only when it’s served, but as I cook it.

By the time Friday rolls around, I’m ready to revel (though I’m doing it within reason). Weekend means biscuits, eggs and bacon for breakfast, and pasta for dinner because I’m taking the weekends off for real.

Which leads us back to the initial problem: will I see real changes if I keep this up? Of course I could make the full week’s diet fitness-oriented but then I’d have nothing to blog about the next week. Plus, that’d be too miserable for me. I’m a food writer! I have to eat good food (and good food often involves fat, salt, sugar, and all the unhealthy junk.)

Here’s what I’m thinking, at the moment. I’ll keep working out the way I am (five days a week) and I’ll keep eating the way I am (first half of the week good, second half of the week bad) and in 5 weeks we’ll see what happens. That’s how long my trainer Danny says it usually takes before you start noticing a difference.

I should point out that I’m already noticing a difference in the way I feel. I feel great. Lots of oxygen is going to my brain; I feel sharper, less lazy. I’m even thinking there’s more blood pumping in my body so I look better too. Healthier.

My biggest problem at the moment, besides my concerns about eating, is this one: I need more short workout socks. They’re harder to come by than you think.

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