Workout Journal, Day 4

November 3, 2011 | By | COMMENTS

Pat me on the back, if you will, today I was impressive.

See, I’m cooking dinner tonight for SIX people (myself included) and usually, under such a circumstance, I would never, ever, ever take time to go to the gym. I’d spend the whole day cooking.

But not me. What I did was cook a bunch yesterday and then this morning I woke up and cooked, all so that I could take the hour necessary to work out and to stick to my program. So off to the gym I went after baking 3 layers of Hummingbird Cake. Today’s routine was that same sequence on the treadmill I talked about on Day 2. Because Tuesdays and Thursdays are “bonus days” according to my trainer (who’s trying to keep me realistic by only requiring I go to the gym 3 days a week) the treadmill routine is way less heart-stopping than the eliptical routine.

But it’s still a rewarding workout. Today, while walking/jogging/running/trotting, I watched Anne Burrell and then I watched The Real Housewives of Atlanta, this time with my earbuds plugged in.

The remarkable thing is that it’s only Day 4 of working out for me and already I’m feeling way better about running than I would have 4 days ago. It came more naturally today and I got more pleasure out of it too. I feel like I was encased in crystal all of these sedentary years and gradually, as I do these fitness routines, I’m cracking my way out of it. It’s like my whole body is finally saying to my brain, “Finally! You acknowledge us!”

But let’s not get carried away. This is only Day 4. Tomorrow I return to meet my trainer again and we’ll see what he lays out for the next week.

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