Workout Journal, Day 3

November 2, 2011 | By | COMMENTS

I won’t quit you, Workout Journal!

Sure, I thought about it this afternoon. “Do people really want a daily update about my workout routine?”

But this isn’t for you people. It’s for me. You don’t have to read it. I don’t know why you clicked this. Maybe you enjoy reading about sweaty Jewish gay people on treadmills. Or, in today’s case, an Elliptical.

Making myself write this every day, though, makes me accountable to YOU my imaginary audience. And that’s important, as mentioned in a previous post, accountability. Plus, this is a good way to keep a record of what I did at the gym.

Today, for example, I did a new circuit based only on an e-mail from my trainer. It was tricky because I had to do these actions based only on his words. Here’s an example:

“Hip Thrust (heels to the sky) – lay flat on your back with arms down by your side. Legs straight pointing to the sky and thrust your hips towards the sky.”

This is a very awkward thing to do without really knowing what you’re doing. It’s doubly awkward when you don’t know WHERE to do this at your gym. At first, I set up near all the machines on a track where my trainer had me do medicine ball sit-ups the other day. But laying on my back on a track by the machines felt weird, so I began wandering around with my gym towel, finding a place to “thrust my hips towards the sky.”

Sure enough, there WAS a right area. It’s an area with mats overlooking the lobby. I found myself a mat and then thrust my hips towards the sky 20 times. I also did crunches, side lunges, squats, and pushups. And because it’s a circuit, I repeated the circuit three times.

But I wasn’t finished! Then I went on the Elliptical and did that insanely difficult interval training that I did in my Workout Journal, Day 1. You go from resistance 25 to resistance 50 and back again each minute, keeping your strides within a certain window. My body felt like it was going go POP my heart was beating so fast. At a certain point towards the very end, I had to get out of resistance 50 and drop down to 15 (which I’m allowed to do at minute 18, but I did it here at minute 17 1/2).

Meanwhile, that guy who was on Oprah a lot who has his own show was on the TV and Guy Fieri was his guest for like the whole hour. And I wasn’t listening or anything but every time I looked up there was Guy Fieri and that guy from Oprah. The only other thing I could look at was a Dr. Phil about molestation. I tried to keep my head down.

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