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June 8, 2007

Music Week 2007

Next week is MUSIC WEEK at The Amateur Gourmet. Every post will be written as a song! I know, crazy huh? Here's the thing: I bet many of you are talented musicians too. So over the weekend if you're inspired to write a song about food, please do so and then videotape yourself (or your friends) singing it and post the video to YouTube or Brightcove. Send it to amateurgourmet AT gmail DOT com and I'll post it sometime next week! Also: if any of you are friends with any famous musicians like Bono or Dolly Pardon, ask them if they'll eat dinner with me and co-write a song about it for Music Week 2007. Ya never know!

June 11, 2007

David Lebovitz's Malted Milk Ice Cream: The Song

Welcome to Music Week! Every post this week (except for the one below) will feature a song penned and performed by yours truly (and maybe a few special guests). To start out the week, I thought long and hard about what would inspire me musically. And then I remembered this:


That is the tub of David Lebovitz's malted milk ice cream that I made two weeks ago from his book The Perfect Scoop. It vanished in two days. I caught Diana eating it for breakfast, and Craig eating it in the middle of the afternoon. I told David I wanted to write a song about it and he confessed that it's his favorite recipe in his cookbook. I agree (and I've only tried three!) What follows, then, is the song that it inspired and, after the jump, the lyrics and the recipe. Enjoy!

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June 12, 2007

The Lasagna Song

News flash: The Sopranos had its last episode Sunday night. Did you see it? We did. In fact, we were all so engrossed that when this lasagna (from "Molto Italiano") came out of the oven--a lasagna that I spent a few hours making, and spent a good amount of money on--we decided to wait until the episode was over before we ate it:


And as everyone bit in, instead of singing its praises everyone said: "What kind of ending was that?" Or: "Did the cable cut out?" Or: "Worst series finale ever!" (However, after much discussion half of us came around and decided we liked it. The ending, that is.)

Meanwhile, the merits of my lasagna remained unsung. So today I present to you this lasagna song which pays homage to a lasagna that, in my opinion, was worth singing about. You can find the recipe online here, though I cheated and used dry pasta. (I was going to make the lasagna from scratch, but didn't have enough time.) The results were still tremendous. Harmonicas, however, are optional.

June 13, 2007

Falafel Love (A Song)

Music week continues today with falafel! Not only does falafel have three bouncy, musical syllables but it's also a food I've never attempted to make at home. I recruited my friends Lisa and Ricky who are not only game falafel makers but also wonderful musicians and singers (they sing the song at the end of the post). We used Joan Nathan's recipe which you can read here on Epicurious. Here are Lisa and Ricky rolling our falafel in flour:


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June 15, 2007

Öko & The Fro-Yo Song

One of the joys of living New York is that you can be reading Florence Fabricant's column in the New York Times about a new frozen yogurt place in Park Slope and then realize that to get there you need only walk out your door and over a few blocks. And that's exactly what I did after reading about Öko which, apparently, means "eco" in Hungarian. What does "eco" mean in English? Regardless, here's what I brought back:


That's just plain frozen yogurt (there was only plain or wild berry) with kiwi and a gooseberry on top. I'd never had a gooseberry and I immediately heard Veruca Salt's voice: "The gooseberries taste like gooseberries, the snozberries taste like snozberries!" In fact, this gooseberry was like nature's version of one of those gummy sour balls, except not gummy. It had a wonderful surprising squirt of sour.

And as for the yogurt, the richness and complex flavors took me by surprise. This is some serious frozen yogurt--the Harvard graduate to TCBY's community college drop-out--and I couldn't get enough. And with the kiwi it felt like a healthy snack, but was it? Lisa tells me that unless it says low fat, it's probably still fattening. So I guess I can't eat it three times a day. Perhaps this video, the last video of music week, will set the record straight.

June 16, 2007

Music Week Wrap-Up

Thanks everyone for indulging me/us this Music Week. In case you weren't able to watch the videos--or, in case you loved them so much you want to put those songs on your iPod (please let me know if you do: I know a good therapist)--here are all four tracks in mp3 form. Have a great weekend!

The Malted Milk Ice-Cream Song

The Lasagna Song

Falafel Love

Fro-Yo (A Mini-Musical)

[Click to listen to the songs online. Right-click to download to your desktop, import to your iTunes, and enjoy these songs on repeat every day for the rest of your life...]

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