Flaky Biscuits

January 2, 2011 | By foodbykatherine | 0 Comments

I am trying to make a flaky biscuit, all the recipes are for buttermilk. Can some one please help me?

I get cable and see what happens…

December 21, 2010 | By sean price | 0 Comments

My husband and I have been together since 1995. We had cable for a brief amount of time in college, but since then we have never spent the money on it. Until last week. Now I am watching Food Network shows like they are going out of style.

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Pesto Ricotta Lasagna

December 20, 2010 | By castironfoodie | 0 Comments

Pesto Ricotta Lasagna 1
When I was a kid, my dad would ask me every year what I wanted to eat for my birthday dinner. Year after year, it was the same answer: Lasagna! My dad’s lasagna isn’t like your average lasagna, it’s filled with unexpected flavors like salty pesto, creamy ricotta, sweet sausage, and tangy tomato sauce. Fast forward to today when every time I recreate the dish, my boyfriend claims it is, without a doubt, the best thing I make. And I have to agree!

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Easiest Baked Brie

December 13, 2010 | By beginingtocook | 0 Comments

Easiest Baked Brie 1
I am almost embarrassed to post this recipe. This baked brie is easy and comes out perfect every time. It is a huge shortcut, and my most requested party appetizer. What a fantastic combination.
My daughter is watching The Wizard of Oz in the other room. I liken posting this recipe to pulling back the curtain on the wizard. Thoughts also come to mind of the mom in the Rice Krispies commercial that throws flour on her face to convince her family she been slaving in the kitchen all day.
I hope this recipe makes you look as brilliant as I do every time I serve it.

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December 7, 2010 | By bettyb | 0 Comments

Can-Dee 1
No one on this planet loves candy as much as my friend/future brother-in-law. He’s obsessed with anything sweet, sugary, and/or gummy.
Gummy worms, gummy bears, pixie sticks, pixie straws, etc. So many different varieties and specialities I can’t even handle it. Too much SUGAR for even me, and that says a lot. When we were younger, he used to create pockets in his lacrosse shorts so that during practice (and games) he could stash a bag or two of Sour Patch Kids. And yes, he was actually good at lacrosse, even while consuming all this junk.
If I’m the dessert girl, he’s the candy man. And he says, Can-Dee (hard “C”) … and as it turns out his nickname is “C.” He is the candy man of all candy, the blender boy of the Jersey Shore, and the lover of everything sugar. His diet consists of breakfast sandwiches, candy, and blender drinks. Did I mention he’s skinny? And nice? And cute? Could you ask for anything more? He doesn’t think so, and neither do I.

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Corn and Poblano Chowder

December 7, 2010 | By plate fodder | 0 Comments

Corn and Poblano Chowder 1
The wind has howled around the bluff for most of the week. This morning we woke to temps in the high 30’s, very dark clouds and the threat of cold rain and sleet. Ah!… fall in the North Georgia Mountains. I sat at my desk this morning watching the sleet bounce off the pavement outside and thought..
“What today needs is soup… really hearty soup…. Chowder.”
… and just to set things in concrete – a friend of mine was saying how she felt like making corn chowder today. It was an omen…. and you don’t mess with omens.

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Baked Parmesan “Risotto”

December 3, 2010 | By dayne shuda | 0 Comments

The AG already posted about the fabulousness that is Ina Garten’s new book “How Easy Is That?” and I wanted to chime in with my favorite recipe so far as I’ve been cooking my way through the book.

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Caramelized Onion Panade

December 2, 2010 | By plate fodder | 0 Comments

Caramelized Onion Panade 1
It’s criminal what some restaurants consider onion soup. I’ve had my fill of instant broth, blanched onions, burnt cheese, and broth with dehydrated bits in it. Honestly – if you can’t make the effort to do it properly – don’t bother.
Perfect onion soup isn’t hard. To do it right, you really only need 3 components – caramelized onions, broth, and a cheesy crouton.
Although the onion soup below is a panade, it can easily become a standard by negating most of the bread layers

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Simple, Fatty Christmas Goodness… A Little Bit Early (Sausage Rolls)

November 29, 2010 | By melissa@deliciousdishesrecipes | 0 Comments

Simple, Fatty Christmas Goodness... A Little Bit Early (Sausage Rolls) 1
As I sat eating breakfast at a rather lovely hotel in Milwaukee this past Thanksgiving weekend, my eardrums were assailed by what I now realize is quite possibly the most annoying traditional Christmas carol in history: Deck the Halls. The fa-la-la-la-las are excruciatingly painful in their repetitiveness and, in the context of the song, seem remarkably ridiculous.

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Breakfast for Dinner

November 19, 2010 | By cheddar | 0 Comments

Breakfast for Dinner 1
You need to have a good breakfast.
Sure. But it doesn’t always have to be in the morning.
When I was little, the best nights were ‘breakfast at dinner’. Sometimes it was french toast. Sometimes it was cereal. On special occasions it was lacy pancakes with lemon juice and the crunch of raw sugar. In winter it could be a toasted English muffin with bacon that had been cooked on a piece of paper towel in the microwave. (It was the 80s) . We would eat from bowls on our laps, watching Baywatch in front of a stern bar heater that burned our shins.
We washed dinner down with glasses of milk and a dash of glee from inverting the natural hierarchy of meals. Breakfast! For dinner!
As a real-live grown up, it’s hard to eat a bowl of cereal for tea without feeling like you should be watching Bridget Jones’ Diary in a snuggie and having a sook.

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