Wild Turkey Wild Rice Soup Story

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Wild Turkey Wild Rice Soup Story 1
Good company. Hearty appetites.
A painting on the wall of my uncle’s hunting farm in Southwest Wisconsin read that phrase. It sat right in the living room and when you walked into the kitchen you looked at the painting and knew it was true.
For ten years I was fortunate enough to spend time at the farm with the guys in the hunting party. Each fall we’d get together. Mostly we’d tinker around the house and the woods. We had some success hunting, but the fondest memories I have from that farm were the times spent around the kitchen table.
Dinner was always a big deal at the farm and every year Wild Turkey Wild Rice Soup was on the menu.
The recipe always included actual wild turkey harvested on my uncle’s hunting farm. The turkeys were everywhere so there was no problem having a 20 to 25 pound bird or two or five ready for the soup in the fall.

Wild Turkey Wild Rice Soup
Once the fall season came around my uncle would spend an entire Friday afternoon preparing the soup. The guys in the group would always drive to the farm for the weekend and something we all looked forward to was the smell of the wild turkey rice soup. It was thick, creamy, and full of delicious ingredients that made your mouth water with every big spoonful.
One afternoon when I was in college I was able to make it to farm earlier on a Friday and my uncle had me assist in the soup preparation.
The recipe is pretty straight forward. The trick was to render the bacon first. That allows you to fry the bite size turkey bits in the bacon grease leftover in the pan (only the healthiest). Set those aside.
Next boil chicken broth with onion and about one cup of wild rice. Simmer until rice is done.
In a separate pan melt 1 stick of butter. Add 2 cups of milk and a half cup of flour. Add seasoning and stir until mixed together. Add 2 more cups of milk and half cup of flour. Stir until thick but not too thick. Mix with the rice, add the turkey and bacon.
About five years ago my uncle sold the farm to another group of passionate hunters. His passion for hunting had left and he was ready to move to the next phase in life. The guys in the group all went their separate ways.
I guess change is part of life, but I’ll never be able to give up my love for Wild Turkey Wild Rice Soup.
Today I cheat a little bit with soup mixes. You know the little packet of wild rice soup at the store. I doctor it up with bacon and turkey of course too add the key ingredients.
Every time I have it brings back great memories. That’s part of what makes for great food – memories.
Dayne Shuda writes for North Bay Trading Co and still enjoys hunting and wild rice soup.

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