To Rack or Not To Rack

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Is a $19.00us roasting rack really necessary or will a medley of winter veggies do just fine?

To Rack or Not To Rack 2
The instructions for this community blog area told me that my post would be more interesting if I added a picture. I didn’t think the fine folks at Calphalon would appreciate me appropriating their images, and I like shopping on Amazon and don’t want to lose my privileges by purloining one of their pics.
Compound that with the fact that the only camera I own is on my cell phone…and, believe it or not, I rarely use my cell phone for anything other than making and/or receiving phone calls (I like to call it the BettyBell app for anyone else old enough to get that reference) so…I decided to go Old School and draw one myself.
So here’s my dilemma…I have always just plucked my meat on a bed of veggies: onions, carrots, celery, parsnips, taters, what have you, and then chucked the whole thing into the oven with nary a thought that there might be a better option out there.
Should I be using the rack? Does elevating the meat loftily above the veggies in this manner give it magical flavoring potential? Is there something about air flow around the meat that I’m missing out on? I dearly love a good roast chicken and nothing beats the ease of just throwing it into the oven and waiting for the luscious aromas to come wafting out of the kitchen to let you know when it’s time to eat, and I want to do right by it.
Or am I just being stubborn and cheap and keeping my $19.00us in my pocket so I can sip a nicer bottle of vino and munch on some gooey cheesy goodness while my roast chicken has to bump uglies with a bunch of rude veggies?
To Rack or Not To Rack 3
And for those of you who stuck around long enough to read this far, I offer the above. (At least I think it’s above, I don’t really know, it comes before I have to write this so I assume it shows up first).
Hopefully it makes my post interesting enough so that someone will answer what is an honest question.

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