Tweet. Taste. Bid. (Pt. 1)

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Tweet. Taste. Bid. (Pt. 1) 1
A couple of weeks ago, The Amateur Gourmet himself, Adam Roberts, posted the following tweet on Twitter:
“To win 2 tix 2 the Bid Against Hunger Event in NY on 10/19 ( Tweet me back as many foods as u can fit that start w/B.”
After having a great time dashing around New York City earlier this year trying to win the AG’s “2nd Annual Foodie Photo Scavenger Hunt” only to come in sixth, I felt I had something to prove. I mean, even Adam called me “fierce”. So, armed with my semi-photographic memory of the table of contents of almost every cookbook I’ve ever read, I tweeted back the following:
Lo and behold, Victory was mine! -And that’s where this post really begins…

Tweet. Taste. Bid. (Pt. 1) 2
Last night, via the generosity of the AG and Rubenstein Public Relations, I had the honor and privilege of attending City Harvest’s “Bid Against Hunger” at the Metropolitan Pavilion here in Chelsea, NYC. It’s been quite a good Fall for Foodies in NYC already with the various local food festivals as well as the New York City Wine & Food Festival just wrapping up last weekend, and “Bid Against Hunger” provided yet another opportunity for people to not only eat some great food, but also to support a great cause. I invited my friend, Eric – a.k.a. @EricMahlzeit – to come along, and after we obtained our entry wristbands, we headed into the main room and started our culinary journey for the evening. First up was the Ravioli alla Salvia from Serafina. Chef Freddy Duarte’s ricotta and spinach ravioli in a butter and sage sauce were the perfect starter, and a good indicator of all the gourmet goodness yet to come. From there, we decided to make our way counter-clockwise around the room, stopping and sampling when something really caught our eye – and our noses! – as well as making mental notes for the second (and third) laps.
Tweet. Taste. Bid. (Pt. 1) 3
Next up were the Chicken Meatballs with Mushroom Gravy and Mashed Potatoes from Chef Daniel Holzmand and The Meatball Shop. Eric had some very high praise for the Mashed Potatoes, while I got a kick out of the homey-ness of the Mushroom Gravy – true comfort food. Then it was onto the Quail Egg Toast at Ardesia (Chef Amorette Casaus)… The Beef Tartare with Pimenton Shallots from Spigolo (Chef Scott Fratangelo)… The Spinach and Ricotta Gnudi with Butter Sage Sauce from Trattoria L’Incontro (Chef Rocco Sacramone)… The Scallop Ceviche with Melon, Lemongrass and Cashews from Fulton Restaurant (Chef Jeremy Culver)… Various “Award-Winning” Cheeses and Meats from Rob Kaufelt and his crew at Murray’s Cheese… Etc., etc., etc… In short, there was a lot of food. Not a complaint, just an observation. I did try to document most of my samplings photographically, but due to the dim lighting in the hall and my very basic digital camera, some of my “food porn” did not come out so sexy. However, I was able to get some decent pics of some of the Chefs, including the one above of Chefs Culver and Fratangelo.
Tweet. Taste. Bid. (Pt. 1) 4<
We made our way over to the "Brooklyn Section" where tables with food from such restaurants as Defonte's of Brooklyn, No. 7 and The Meat Hook were set up. I was hoping that Chef Ryan Angulo (above) had brought some of his famous Fried Chicken and Waffles from Buttermilk Channel, but, instead, he presented another chicken offering of sorts: Chicken Liver Mousse with Pickled Concord Grapes. A perfect balance of unctuousness and acidity. They also had take-away bags of their addictive Maple & Bacon Roasted Almonds. (-Oh, I guess I "forgot" to tell Eric about those.) Tom Mylan from The Meat Hook had cast iron skillets set out with slices of Bacon Sausage and Käsekrainer Sausage. I think both Eric and I went ahead and went for seconds right away. Bacon-cured sausage? What's not to like?
Tweet. Taste. Bid. (Pt. 1) 5
By that time of the evening, the Bidding part of the event started: The Live Auction. After some opening remarks by Jilly Stephens, City Harvest’s Executive Director, the microphone was handed over to Xan Serafin from Christie’s. Everything from a Vespa Viaggi to a Three-Night Stay in the Grand Cayman Islands to an Ultimate Dessert Party were up on the auction block. Mr. Xerafin knew how to work the crowd, and it was amazing and astounding to hear bids of “$10,000!”… “$30,000!!!”… “120,000!!!!!” echoing through the hall. Chef Eric Ripert and Le Bernadin’s wine director, Aldo Sohm, (above) not only offered a customized wine tasting for you and 14 of your closest friends, but also a tour of the kitchen and dinner at Le Bernadin. There were also various items up for bid in a silent auction, as well as some “surprise boxes”. *There is also Online Silent Auction which doesn’t close until November 3, 2010, so if you’d like to check out some of the packages available and maybe place a bid of your own, just check out

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