Cherry Bombs

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Cherry Bombs 1
My husband doesn’t cook. Which is fine. It’s my kitchen, and it’s much safer if I am alone with flames and knives and heavy pots that might conk an intruder on the head.
My husband, however, is a great taste-tester and an adventurous eater. So I can experiment with different cuisines and odd ingredients, and he’s perfectly happy to dive in and sample whatever it might be.
He also has a quirky sense of humor. So when we were talking about a hot pepper spread that I’ve been experimenting with, his mind went immediately for the pun rather than the taste. “Why don’t you hollow out some cherries and stuff them with the hot sauce and call them ‘cherry bombs’?” he suggested.
I wrinkled my nose. That stuff is hot. Fill a cherry with it, and it would be a culinary weapon. But the more we talked, the more the idea started making sense.

Instead of filling the cherries with just the hot stuff, I could fill them with a mixture of the hot stuff and cream cheese. Cherries and cream cheese go together well. Hot stuff goes with just about any cheese.
So that was my plan.
But when I got to the farmer’s market (where I bought local cherries) I changed my mind on the cheese. Instead of making another stop at the grocery store for cream cheese, I decided to buy chevre from a local goat dairy.
I kept the ratio of spice to cheese on the mild side of the equation, so the result was a nice kick of spice without a kick in the teeth.
I suppose this would work with any stuffable fruit, but then I couldn’t call them Cherry Bombs. And that’s half the fun.
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