Wattleseed Yogurt in Aspen

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Wattleseed Yogurt in Aspen 1
During a recent trip to Aspen, I was in search of a quality cup of ice coffee and was led to Victoria’s Espresso & Wine Bar. This little café, elevated above the pedestrian walkway of Mill Street, claims to be the “Aspen Culture Café”. Being my first trip to Aspen, I am not aware of what the Aspen culture is, other than mountains and short scary flights over them. Still, I assume this refers to the effort to source their ingredients from the best artisan producers they can find.

Victoria’s not only had a really delicious cup of café freddo but artisan ice creams and homemade yogurt, too. It was just the place I was looking for! The café freddo was dark and creamy. I added a little sugar and it became the perfect accompaniment to what became the best yogurt I have ever had and my favorite breakfast in Aspen.
I started by tasting the different flavors available that day, including but not limited to: lemon myrtle, plum and lime. I then tried wattleseed. Yes, wattleseed! I’d never even heard of the word. After discussing this with the owner, I am told it is an exotic spice from the land down under. The flavor was nutty with hints of chocolate, hazelnut, coffee and added an interesting note of smoke. I was blown away and quickly ordered a bowl, which was topped with homemade granola and fresh fruit. This yogurt, stored in adorable glass jars, was smooth and refreshing. When I realized I had eaten most of my bowl, I began to take smaller and smaller bites to prolong this ridiculous experience I felt I was having. The small bites didn’t help and the yogurt was gone (in my tummy) forever.
The lesson of this story is that next time you are in Aspen; you must visit Victoria’s Espresso & Wine Bar. Eat the yogurt. Eat the ice cream. Drink the coffee.

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