Another day at El Bulli

May 25, 2010 | By | COMMENTS

I went to El Bulli with a couple of friends. Expectations were high after I had followed Ferrán Adriá for years. He met us at the door and showed us the holy grail of the world’s best restaurant, the kitchen. Almost 50 chefs hovered over the pots and pans to service 48 guests…With more than 60 plates a person that was probably a must. The restaurant is rustic and with a casual feel that was very friendly. The dinner was fantastic, but more from a show-off perspective than of culinary. We laughed a couple of times when the creation was just too out of this world. But everything was truly artistic and there is no doubt that Ferrán is a magician. When the restaurant re-opens – which it will – I truly recommend every food freak to try it out. It something you have in your experience bank.
Dan Sehlberg

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