A Video Podcast Review of Ssam Bar

Instead of writing up the dinner I had with Craig and James Felder at Ssam Bar, the other night, James and I just recorded an iChat conversation about the meal. I used a demo version of iChat recording software that you can download here. The fact that it’s a demo explains the message in the middle of the screen. Enjoy!

Video Podcast #1: Ethical Eating

Tonight, on a whim, I sat down with Diana (and, eventually, Craig) to shoot a video podcast using the camera on my laptop. It takes a minute or two before we get going, but then the conversation gets good. If this is successful, I’ll try to do it every week. Enjoy!


Diana came over last night and helped me make a mini tapas dinner out of some Farmer’s Market finds, including Pimientos De Padron which Calvin Trillin writes about in his most recent book, “Feeding A Yen.” Neither of us were prepared for how spicy they were. I ate a few and thought they were fine but after Diana ate one that caused her to gargle with Clorax for relief, I ate a bigger one and had a similar reaction. What follows is a short film that highlights the three tapas we set out to make—we’re not even sure they’re tapas, we only know (with the exception of the Pimientos) that everything tasted good.

Note: That’s Diana squealing like a girl when she tries to flip the frittata. My scream is deeper and far more manly. (You can kind of hear it when I add the pimientos to the pan.)

Note #2: The recipes come from: The Craft Cookbook (for the potatoes and aioli), random online searches (for the pimientos) and Molto Italiano (for the frittata.)