Eat Pie, Say Hi

Hey New York, guess what? On December 5th at 7 PM, I’m hosting an event at The Strand bookstore with Emily and Melissa Elsen for the launch of their new cookbook The Four and Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book. Click here to buy tickets (only $15 or a copy of the book); rumor has it, there’ll be pie. Also: we’ll all sign our books at the end.

It’s Autumn After All

At least my new banner thinks so! After my last post where I made a summery dish in October, it’s time for a seasonal intervention and what better way to do that than with an autumnal banner image by the brilliant Lindy Groening. It’s been a while since we rotated the banner–over a year, in fact–but the time has come to shake things up again. Thanks, Lindy, for doing such an awesome job. If any of you don’t see it yet, try clearing your cookies or opening the site in a different browser; don’t worry, it’ll kick in eventually. [See Lindy’s previous work here.]

Ignore The Sell By Date

According to this Mother Jones article, it’s not for you: it’s “meant for store stockers to keep track of product rotation. It offers little indication of when the milk may actually sour.” The story goes on to connect this to a larger problem, that of food waste. 1/3rd of the global food supply is wasted and “here in America, we’re even worse: Roughly 40 percent of our food goes uneaten, amounting to an economic loss of $165 billion a year.” So keep using that milk until it really is sour.

Four-Star Chickens

Considering the fact that I cook a whole chicken about once a week, I’m very curious about these high-end chickens that are being groomed for and by New York’s best restaurants. Apparently, Jean-Georges was on the verge of tears when he tried one and Daniel Humm, from Eleven Madison Park, ate a whole bird in one sitting. Still, it’s hard to avoid chuckling at: “The Per Se chickens will eat only Per Se peelings and bread; the diet of the Gramercy Tavern chickens will come only from Gramercy Tavern.” Portlandia is, appropriately, invoked. (Thanks, Rob, for sending this my way.)

November Down Under

It’s time to spill the Marmite: in November, I’m headed Down Under to Perth, Australia to be a featured speaker at the Eat, Drink, Blog conference. Then, for three nights, I’m skipping over to Sydney (I just booked my hotel) because I figured I should see it before heading back across the ocean. Am I excited? Oh yes, very much so. At some point, I’ll pick your collective brains for restaurant/sightseeing suggestions, but as for right now, just wanted to share this exciting news. G’day!

The Best Food Bloggers of All Time

I’m pretty flattered/honored to be #11 on First We Feast’s list of the Best Food Bloggers of All Time. Their description of me made me laugh (“Roberts is that kind of annoying eager beaver who keeps knocking at your door and doing a different act, until eventually you’re just like, ‘Goddamn, this guy is talented.'”) I have some quibbles with the list–too many established food writers who happen to blog, not enough genuine food bloggers–but, still, this made my day.