Bea Arthur’s Lamb

bea.jpgMany of us were saddened this weekend to learn that Bea Arthur died. I grew up watching “The Golden Girls” with my great-grandmother, Helen, and to this day, when I need a break, I’ll watch an episode or two on Lifetime. What many of you may not know is that Bea Arthur had a one-woman show on Broadway a few years ago that began with the line: “I’d like to talk to you about lamb. Specifically, leg of …” The recipe is rather general but the story that goes with it is pretty great.

[See also this L.A. Times story that covers the recipe too.]

Turkey Oysters

Bittman's Turkey OystersMark Bittman waxes lyrical over the part of the chicken the French call “sot-l’y-laisse” (which translates to ““the part that only a fool leaves behind”) and others call “the oyster” when he finds a bag of them from a large turkey at a French market. Do you dig these out when you roast a chicken? I know I often forget about them and Craig digs them out when I’m not looking.

Master Chefs

Alaina Browne beat me to the punch on Serious Eats, but PBS is putting lots of its content online for free and now you can watch Julia Child’s Lessons With Master Chefs in all its glory. (Actually, this link takes you to a niftier version of the site.) This show is interesting because Julia just provides the intro and outro and the chefs are left alone to teach; but you get to a see a really young–well, slightly younger–Lydia Bastianich make mushroom risotto and, my favorite, Jean-Louis Palladine roasting a duck breast in the fireplace.

Short Shorts

This blog’s fairy godmother, Six Apart, is spoiling me: first, they made it so you could create profiles in the comments and now they’ve granted me a wish I’ve been wishing for for a very long time. You see, the posts on my blog are all very formal: big title, big picture, lots of text and tags, etc, etc. I’ve always wanted a way to write shorter posts–much less formal–that would let me update the site throughout the day with links out to interesting recipes, videos, blog posts, articles, and so on. Well now, at last, my dream has come true: welcome to shorts, a new style of post here on The Amateur Gourmet. From now on, my site–which is normally dormant after each day’s single post–will be much more vibrant: with shorts, the site’ll be updated multiple times a day. Like a jolt of electricity, these shorts’ll energize the blog the way Kevin Bacon’s dancing energized the town in “Footloose.” Actually, I’ve never seen “Footloose” but I saw the Broadway musical version (which was really bad) so I know the basic story and can make this statement: Shorts are the Kevin Bacon to this blog’s John Lithgow. So thanks again, Six Apart, for making all my blog’s dreams come true: let’s get dancing.