Skeleton Twins In The Press

We’re one week away from the world premiere of Craig’s movie THE SKELETON TWINS and things are getting super exciting. For example, Kristen Wiig’s going to be talking about it on tonight’s David Letterman so be sure to watch. Also, coming up: Bill Hader on Seth Meyers (9/15), The Daily Show (9/16), Luke Wilson on Live with Kelly (9/16) and Seth Meyers (9/16), Ty Burrell on Jimmy Kimmel (9/17) and Conan (9/18), and Bill Hader on Craig Ferguson (9/22). Plus: here’s an early look at a Bill and Kristen interview from this weekend’s New York Times Fall Movie Preview. If you haven’t been following along, you can track our history with the movie (from Sundance to the trailer) by clicking here. Start making plans to see it when it hits your city in the next few weeks!

Amanda Cohen on the Restaurant World

I’m not normally the kind of blogger who links to lots of little articles throughout the day, but this piece by Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy is too good not to share. In it, she skewers the fanfare around the 15-year old chef (I’ve been skeptical from the get-go) and goes on to address how show biz and razzmatazz in the food world are distracting us from the reality that few chefs are brave enough to admit: at the end of the day, it’s just food.

A Nifty New Interactive Banner

You didn’t think I’d let my tenth anniversary pass without updating the blog’s banner, did you? Well this new one’s a doozy. It’s a totally interactive, deliciously clickable banner–featuring my most popular/significant posts from the past ten years–created (and coded) by the remarkable Lindy Groening. And this is as good a time as any to salute her work, which has given this blog its identity for almost a decade: check out her previous banners here. And thanks for all your kind anniversary wishes, yesterday! You guys are the best.

Cookbook Giveaway

Sometime in the next two hours, I’m going to give away five signed copies of SECRETS OF THE BEST CHEFS on Twitter. All you have to do is follow me over there, and you may win the perfect holiday gift for friends or loved ones or frenemies who are tired of drab, boring, repetitive recipes and want to step up their kitchen game. 150 exciting dishes! Gorgeous full-color photography! Sidebars full of helpful information! Just think of how happy they’ll be to find this under the tree this year. Or screw those loved ones and win a copy for yourself. Or just buy one by clicking right here. I mean, you deserve it, right? [UPDATE: Contest is now closed!]

R.I.P. Judy Rodgers

I was sad to hear, yesterday, about the passing of Judy Rodgers, the Zuni Cafe chef and author of one of the most influential, highly-praised cookbooks in existence. There are terrific remembrances online, specifically those by David Lebovitz, Russ Parsons and Michael Ruhlman. I was never lucky enough to meet Rodgers in person, but I did have the privilege of eating her food at Zuni last year during my book tour. Just look at those pictures and you can see what a brilliant contribution Rodgers made to the food world; she may be gone but I’m pretty sure her legacy will live on forever.

Winter Banner 2013

Hey, Thanksgiving’s over…which means it’s time to shed the autumnal theme and to face winter head-on. Thanks to Lindy Groening for another brilliant banner and to Raphael Brion for finally teaching me how to upload the image myself. To see an archive of all our previous banners, click here.