Out On The Scene with Ed Levine: Pizza at Adrienne’s & Pastries at Financier


I became aware of Ed Levine in four stages. Stage One was reading about him in Ruth Reichl’s “Garlic & Sapphires”; he’s the subject of her chapter “The Missionary of the Delicious.” Stage Two was seeing his books in bookstores: “New York Eats” and “Pizza: A Slice of Heaven.” (The latter involved consuming 1,000 slices of pizza in one year; I wonder if I witnessed slice #1,001 at lunch?) Stage Three was seeing him on TV: he was a guest on “Molto Mario” a few times and then a judge on Iron Chef America. Stage Four was discovering his blog: Ed Levine Eats which I began commenting on. I think my commenting led Ed to me because before I knew it he’d discovered my site, became a fan, praised my controversial Le Cirque post (he called it “pitch perfect”), and invited me to “break bread.” How could I refuse? Ed Levine is a New York icon.

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