How To Make Tomato Sauce

Look at this sauce:


Is your mouth watering? It should be. This sauce is delicious. And you will make it.

You will make this sauce because it is: (a) easy to make; (b) delicious; and (c) a great way to get started in the kitchen. I am speaking specifically to site readers who read my site as patrons of great humorous non-fiction literature and not as patrons of great food making. This is the sauce that started it all—the first thing that I made that made me say: “Holy *#!@ I can cook! And it was totally worth my time! I love the way this tastes! I want to cook more things! I want to ladel this sauce on my head! [Ladeling sauce on my head.] Holy *#!@”

[To learn how to make this sauce, click below. I am trying out this feature to conserve space on the main page. Do you like? Let me know.]

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Martha Stewart’s Pecan Chocolate Chunk White Chocolate Chip Cookies

So despite my self-proclaimed ineptitude in the kitchen, I do have a knack for all things sweet and desserty. I’m a baker, not a fighter.

One of my favorite cookie recipes comes from America’s most beloved white collar criminals / domestic goddesses, Marthalicious Stewart. Available on her website for no charge (or the occassional insider trading tip) you will find the recipe for some wonderfully delicious cookies. I served these cookies to friends this weekend and their reactions were as follows:




Clearly, these are some really good cookies. Since posting the actual recipe may cause legal trouble for The Amateur Gourmet (who, despite three years in law school, has no idea how the law actually works), here’s the link:

And, for your viewing pleasure, some pictures: