How To Always Get A Seat at a Crowded Coffee Shop


Every day I go to a coffee shop to work on my book. And every day I witness the same phenomenon: people poke their heads through the door, look at all the crowded tables, sigh a heavy sigh and leave.

I want to yell out: “Don’t leave! You’re giving up too easily!” But since most people can’t hear the thoughts in my head, they continue to march their lonely march away; and it’s for these people that I am writing this post. God willing, they’ll read it and realize there’s always a way to get a seat at a crowded coffee shop.

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Stella Eats Meat

We were going to call this post “The Sausage Whore” (and Stella approved it) but I think “Stella Eats Meat” is more to the point. For you see Stella has been a vegetarian for twelve years. TWELVE. And last night at John’s Pizza on Bleecker (home of some of the city’s best pizza) I said to Stella, “If you eat a piece of sausage I’ll pay for your dinner.” I was joking. But Stella said, “Will you really?” and I said, “Sure.” I’m always happy to turn a vegetarian into a meat eater: I think we meat eating Jews would call that a mitzvah. What follows is video footage of Stella going face to face with pizza sausage in the hopes of a free meal: