About Me

By Adam Roberts

Hi; I’m Adam Roberts and this is my blog, The Amateur Gourmet.

[Photo Credit: Elizabeth Leitzell]

It all started in January, 2004. At the time, I lived in Atlanta, Georgia and I was a third year law student at Emory University. While most of the students around me aspired to lucrative careers as toxic tort attorneys or Supreme Court justices, I spent my days thinking about soufflé. This was a funny fact because I didn’t grow up in a family where there was any cooking (though my parents certainly loved food).

I’d come home from a long day of law school, my brain would be fried, and the only thing I could tolerate on TV was Food Network. I found it soothing. These were the days of Sara Moulton and Mario Batali; I’d watch their shows as a form of relaxation/meditation. Eventually, though, I decided that I’d give cooking a go. And once I started, I couldn’t stop.

Which is why I started the blog. I wanted to document everything I was learning as I learned it. Also: I wanted to throw myself a lifeline to escape a career in the law.

And sure enough, that’s what happened. Since starting my blog, I moved to New York (I came to study playwriting at NYU’s Tisch School of Dramatic Writing, but my food career took off before my theater career did). Once here, I sold my first book; “The Amateur Gourmet: How To Shop, Chop & Table-Hop Like A Pro (Almost)” which was published by Bantam/Dell in 2007.

Then Food Network came calling and hired me to host a show on their website. That show was called “The FN Dish” and for a whole year I did things like interview Rachael Ray (I sort of bungled it; see below), talk smack with Anthony Bourdain, and compete against Lorraine Bracco and Todd English in a cactus-cooking competition at Caesar’s Palace. Needless to say, that was all rather surreal.

When that show ended, I went on to host two more shows for Food Network’s sister site, Food2.com: The Amateur Gourmet and The Taste Test. In the meantime, I was doing all kinds of food writing; for Salon.com (where I interviewed Nigel Slater, Dan Barber, and Jasper White) and for Serious Eats, where I was one of the original site contributors.

Which brings us to today: now I’m a full-fledged food writer. Can you believe it? My latest book (a cookbook), SECRETS OF THE BEST CHEFS, took me across the country cooking with 50 of the best chefs all over, learning recipes that I took back and adapted for the home cook in my own tiny kitchen.

That book arrives on shelves in Fall 2012. When not writing books, you’ll find me writing for The Huffington Post, the Epicurious Epi-Log, and Food & Wine Magazine.

In fall 2011, my partner Craig Johnson (a filmmaker; check out his first feature!) and I moved to Los Angeles, California. How will this East Coast kid fare on the West Coast? Only time will tell!

But one thing’s for certain: being a food writer is way better than being a lawyer.

Happy reading.




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Tucker Shaw, The Denver Post. “Adam Roberts’ blog is a food-world must-read, offering an intelligent and witty view of foodie culture from the sidelines.”

Michael Ruhlman, Ruhlman.com. “Adam Roberts is a delightful and compelling new voice in the food world. I’m a fan of his blog.”

John Kessler, Atlanta-Journal Constitution. “Adam Roberts has more bottled energy than there is oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve.”

Frank Bruni, Diner’s Journal. “[A] lovely, thoughtful guy.”

China Millman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “A blogger whom I had never particularly enjoyed.”

Ethan Gilsdorf, The Boston Globe. “Aside from the site’s snappy prose, its “Saturday Night Live”-worthy comedy sketch mpegs, such as ”Great Moments in Musical Theater Featuring Eggs” and ”Project Sourdough,” are hilarious.”

The New York Times: “The Roger Rabbit of food bloggers. See him frolic in photo-comics from restaurants.”

Eater Commenter: “He’s awesome as the wheelchair kid on ‘Glee.’”

Jennifer Wolcott, Christian Science Monitor. “This may be the most humorous [food] blog out there.”

Rachel Wharton, The Daily News. “For all those who don’t eat stinky cheese, make pie crusts or order from a menu with no recognizable nouns, Adam Roberts has a message: Do not be afraid.”

Jonathan Levitt, The Boston Globe. “Skinny and nebbishy, with a nasally musical theater voice that would fit perfectly on NPR’s ‘This American Life.’”