Big Fat Coconut Cookies


These days, I don’t worry too much about reinterpreting other people’s recipes. I’m happy just to point you in a direction and say, “Do what they say to do!” Except, in this case, I have one tiny problem. So the recipe that I done made is my friend Deb’s Coconut Brown Butter Cookies. My quibble is that I don’t actually think that you need to brown the butter (!!!). Let me explain.

In my past life as a full-time food blogger, I was quite enamored of brown butter. I made a Vanilla Brown Butter Nectarine Crisp. I made Brown Butter Banana Bread. These recipes are both very good but as I get older and wiser in the kitchen, I’m starting to think that in recipes where there are a lot of other bold flavors, it’s not necessary to brown the butter. My secret suspicion is that we just like to hear “brown butter” when we’re eating something.


Also, if you let something get brown enough in the oven, you don’t need to brown the butter in the first place–you get all those brown, nutty notes anyway. If I’m going to brown butter, I mostly like to do it with things where butter is the star–like when I make pasta with just butter and Parmesan and a little nutmeg, I like to let the butter get brown first. There you really taste it.

Which is all to say, Deb is a hero for nailing the recipe for the City Bakery’s Coconut Cookies. These are really wonderful–you’re going to love them. I’m just giving you permission to skip a step and save the butter browning for whatever browning happens in the oven. You can even still call them “Brown Butter Coconut Cookies,” I promise not to tell a soul.