Look Who Made My Rainbow Cookie Cake

July 29, 2014 | By | COMMENTS

A month or two ago, I noticed someone named @TheRealJimParsons following me on Instagram. Since the internet is a strange place, I figured, “that can’t really be the real Jim Parsons, three-time Emmy winner, it must be a fake Real Jim Parsons.” But then I noticed that all of the pictures @TheRealJimParsons posted were pictures of the real Jim Parsons in the morning holding a coffee mug; not the kind of thing you can really fake, even with Photoshop. So I left a comment to the effect of: “Are you really the real Jim Parsons? And are you really following me?” Sure enough, he wrote me back and said that yes he was the real Jim Parsons and he’s been reading my blog for years, ever since he did a search for roasted broccoli (on my grave it’s going to say “The Broccoli Guy.”) A few weeks later, I got an e-mail from him saying “Look What You’ve Done” and there was a picture of my Rainbow Cookie Cake in progress. That night, he posted the picture you see above: there’s Jim with the cake, his partner Todd, Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family (!!) and Jesse’s partner Justin Mikita. Turns out that the internet is, indeed, a strange place; but a pretty wonderful place too.

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  • Sarah Spigelman

    omg so cool!!!

  • Nadya Duke

    I squee for you! That’s awesome.

  • Nadya Duke

    I squee for you! That’s awesome.

  • Nadya Duke

    I squee for you! That’s awesome.

  • Nadya Duke

    I squee for you! That’s awesome.

  • Melody Star

    It was very sweet that he chose to make your cake and then share with you the results. Of course all of us were wanting to make it after seeing you post photos of it when you made it yourself, so it isn’t a wonder he wanted to do so. But yes this is a very special and lovely thing.

    Your photos always make me hungry when I see how lovely the food looks.

  • Ben Roy

    Love this!!!!

  • janice

    actors from my two favorite tv shows. awesome!

  • Annabella

    This is awesome! I love Jim Parsons!

  • Ttrockwood

    Awesome!! I love that they made it themselves too (instead of having their cook or whatever do it) and amazing that picture had 29,000 likes too!

  • http://www.becauseilikechocolate.com/ Mallory @ Because I Like Choco

    Look at you Mr. Fancy Pants! This is so cool!!!

  • http://www.confessionsofachocoholic.com/ Bianca Garcia

    How cool!

  • KimJHeiss

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  • Anonymous

    That is so awesome!