Sponsored Post: My Snacktastic Popcorn Peanut Chocolate Explosion


Popcorn at home never quite dazzles the way it does at the movie theater. Maybe it’s because of all the buttery goop they squirt on, maybe it’s because of the smell it gives off, but my homemade popcorn rarely does the trick. That’s why, recently, I decided to give up on my quest to reproduce that giant overpriced bucket of yellow stuff and replace it with something far more original, exciting, and–to steal a word from the title of this post–snacktastic. The results, I’m glad to say, speak for themselves.

To start, I used red popcorn–yes RED popcorn–from Rancho Gordo. Check it out:


I poured 2 or 3 tablespoons of Canola oil into a Dutch oven and then added about a cup of the popcorn.


Put the lid on, turned up the heat, and a minute or two later I started to hear popping. That’s when you start shaking the pan; not constantly, just every 15 seconds or so. The pops’ll come fast and furious; when they die down, you can take it off the heat and check it out.



Now the fun part. To start, sprinkle on some salt and toss all around and taste until it suits your fancy.

Now, some more components. Classic peanuts would be great here, but even better are PLANTERS Salted Caramel Peanuts (the sponsor of this post).


The salty sweetness and complexity from the caramel are perfect foils for the salty popcorn. Pour in about 1/2 a cup.


To make things even more interesting, throw in a handful of golden raisins–for color and texture and sweetness–and some chopped up bittersweet chocolate.

The heat of the popcorn will melt some of the chocolate. That’s a good thing. Toss all around and allow the chocolate to set up for a bit and then taste one more time for salt.

Look what you’ve created:


(Makes about 6 cups.)

That’s a snack mix any cinephile would gladly bring with them to the movies. I snacked on it while watching The West Wing, which isn’t quite a movie but that makes sense because this isn’t quite movie theater popcorn. It’s better.

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