Top Chef New Orleans Cartoon Recap, Episode 2

October 10, 2013 | By | COMMENTS

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  • Brianna

    I love these! I hope you keep doing them throughout the season. They almost make the show bearable…

  • Mallory @ Because I Like Choco

    These posts are officially the best thing that Thursdays have to offer!

  • Amanda

    i love this because now i don’t have to watch the show :) something tells me this is more entertaining as well

  • NancyRing


  • upshot

    keep this up every week! so much better than watching the show, seriously.

  • cybercita

    SO SO FUNNY! More please!

  • I like to Cook…Sometimes

    O.k. You were o.k. with the funny before you moved to California. Now you are full on funny. This stuff is classic LOL stuff. Love the capture of Paddy and the order of the full monty of prescriptions drugs, the “roux” reference, This is good stuff. So, keep it coming. I had some oddball work thing this morning, came home, picked up Starbucks, and went outside for a ciggy (the bad stuff I know), and coffee and laughed my head off (no harm to the shrimpers) at this. Loved it. Cheers.

    I love to cook, when I have to…

  • Anonymous

    Haha! This was great. My favorite was Padma ordering the prescription drugs.

  • Kirk


  • AK

    Cough! Cough! Hilarious!

  • DJW

    These recaps are so much better than the show. None of these chefs seem particularly interesting; Padma’s catatonic; and, Tom has apparently given up on trying to make it with Padma. Whatever happened to the crazy chefs they used to have? I can’t imagine any of the current ones talking about a “culinary boner” or trying to do something particularly creative.

  • Kimberly Wydeen

    I used to adore Top Chef, but haven’t watched it since the All-Stars season. Your re-caps are significantly better then the actual show. Please please please keep them up!

  • Karen@Mignardise

    LOVE these comics! Thanks for making me laugh out loud – keep it up!

  • Patty

    I didn’t even see the episode, but loved your recap! Keep ‘em coming Adam!

  • karen

    ahhh haaa haaa great Adam don’t have to watch the show!! this is way more entertaining anyways!

  • Jane Duff

    Better than the show for sure

  • Anne

    In the middle of a move and don’t have cable hooked up yet, so glad you are doing these so I can keep up! They are great!

  • Anonymous

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