The Clean Plate Club, Episode #13: Rebecca Lando, Jeffery Self

We’ve got two internet luminaries on our show this week: the first, Rebecca Lando, is co-creator of Working Class Foodies, the viral web show with a devoted following that’s recently become a handsome and useful cookbook from Gotham Books. Our other guest, Jeffery Self, played Liz Lemon’s nephew, Randy Lemon, on 30 Rock and co-starred with Cole Escola on Logo’s Jeffery and Cole Casserole. He’s also the author of Straight People: A Spotter’s Guide and 50 Shades of Gay. ALSO: he’s doing a live show tonight (October 23rd) here in L.A. at the Neon Venus Theater on Melrose at 8 PM (tickets $10). Go see him!

Dinner was five-hour meat ragu (recipe to come next week) and chocolate pear cake. Click ahead to see a picture of everyone at the table, a list of all the things we talk about, and some clips of Rebecca’s and Jeffery’s work.

Here’s the gang gathered around the ragu:


And here’s some of the stuff we cover:

* Jenny McCarthy on The View

* The impulse to put everything online

* Jeffery’s break-up and social media break

* Louis CK

* What went into the ragu, precisely

* Rebecca’s Working Class Foodies journey

* McDonald’s (2nd week in a row!)

* Dunkin’ Donuts (and my weird love for their bagels)

* WHO’S REALLY GAY IN HOLLYWOOD? (Yes, there’s some outing in this podcast.)

* Jeffery’s gay celebrity experience

* How I edit the podcast

* The cock sauce story

It’s a fun conversation! (Though possibly not safe for work.)

Here’s a clip of Working Class Foodies, to give you an idea (that’s Rebecca and her brother, btw):

And here’s Jeffery’s viral “Shit Gay Guys Say” video:

Sadly, I couldn’t find the clip of Jeffery and Cole rubbing raw meat all over each other in summertime on a roof. Maybe that’s for the best.

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