The Clean Plate Club, Episode #10: Barrett Foa, Suzanne Tracht

I was positively giddy about this week’s Clean Plate Club guests: Barrett Foa, who first entered my consciousness as the star of Avenue Q on Broadway and who’s now a regular on one of the most popular shows in the country (NCIS: Los Angeles) and Top Chef Master and culinary legend Suzanne Tracht, chef/owner of Jar. With these guests, we got to talk about two of my favorite subjects: cooking and musical theater! Oh and deforestation. Just kidding, we didn’t talk about deforestation. But here’s some other stuff that’s covered…

* Suzanne’s cooking career; her years working with Nancy Silverton and Mark Peel at Campanile and how she eventually made a name for herself at Jar.

* The secret of her purple yams.

* Barrett’s transition from the world of NYC theater to the world of Los Angeles T.V.-making.

* What happens when you feed my cat chicken at the table. (Warning: it’s not pretty.)

* How to properly work an Avenue Q. puppet.

* Female chefs and why so few are at the very, very top.

* Firing people.

* Restaurant pet peeves.

* Andy Dick.

It’s a great listen (which is why I had so much trouble editing it down, it runs long) but cue it up in iTunes and listen in your car! If you enjoy yourself, why not write an iTunes review? You won’t regret it.

Thanks to Suzanne and Barrett for being such great guests. Coming up: a post about what I cooked and why I cooked it.

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