The Clean Plate Club, Episode #9: Whitney Adams, Kyle Buchanan

Our new neighbor here in Atwater Village is the illustrious and delightful Kyle Buchanan who is the movies editor of New York Magazine, the kind of guy who, when you’re talking about Miley Cyrus, is able to say: “I interviewed her for the cover of Cosmo last month.” (Ya, but did he make cookies based on her tongue? I don’t think so!). He joins us for this week’s Clean Plate Club along with another illustrious person: sommelier Whitney Adams, who I met last year at a dinner party, and who–in addition to working at Domaine L.A. and Terroni–runs the blog Brunellos Have More Fun. Whitney teaches us terms like “tertiary vapors” and “natural yeast,” while also gossiping about her time as hostess at Wolfgang Puck’s Cut.

You may notice that Craig’s missing from the above picture: that’s because he’s in New York putting the finishing touches on his movie. But not to worry! My good friend Diana Fithian stepped in to play the role of “Craig,” though her voice sounds slightly more feminine. Just slightly.

You can listen to the podcast by using the player above or, if you’re on the go, load it up in iTunes on your phone and listen in your car. Happy listening!

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