The Clean Plate Club, Episode #7: Deb Perelman

This week’s Clean Plate Club guest needs no introduction: if you’re reading this and you haven’t visited Smitten Kitchen, you have your food blog priorities out of whack. Deb is the queen of the form, the sun at the center of the food blog universe. Don’t believe me? How many food bloggers can you name with tens of millions of readers a month, profiles in The New York Times, and a best-selling cookbook to boot? Deb is the real deal and I’m so lucky she agreed to talk to me over Skype, though we did get into a huge fight about photography. Let me explain.

See this picture of oatmeal cookies?


That’s the one I took after following the recipe on Deb’s blog. Now click over to that and look at the pictures. Do you see why it drives me nuts when she says she doesn’t know where the buttons are on her camera?


But it makes for a lively conversation. So thanks, again, to Deb for chatting. And if you want to listen on iTunes (in your car, in the kitchen), you can do so by clicking here.

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