The Clean Plate Club, Episode #5: Noah Galuten, Billy Scafuri

Our two guests at this week’s Clean Plate Club have a lot in common, though–as required by The Clean Plate Club manifesto–one is a food professional, one is not. Our food professional is Noah Galuten, who runs the kitchen at Bludso’s BBQ and hosts a terrific web show on YouTube called “The Food Feeder” (embedded below); he’s also been a food blogger (Man Bites World) and a writer for L.A. Weekly. Our other guest is the hilarious Billy Scafuri who you’ve probably seen in the viral videos he’s made with his comedy troupe The Harvard Sailing Team (I’ll embed “Boys Will Be Girls” below; it’s been viewed over 5 million times!).

What do these guys have in common? Turns out, both their dads are musicians: Billy’s dad is a singer (Frank Scafuri) and Noah’s dad a record producer (Albhy Galuten) who produced the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. Both guys, have Italian roots with grandmothers cooking Sunday night gravy. And both have L.A. restaurant connections; Noah with Bludso’s, of course, but Billy’s girlfriend Marina runs Paper or Plastik, one of L.A.’s best coffee shop/cafes (that’s actually how I met Billy, through Marina).


Our dinner conversation runs the gambit from pie making to novel-writing, and I served up a salad of radicchio and endive with Parmesan (recipe here), our favorite Cavatappi with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Canellini Beans, and Brownie Sundaes for dessert.


Here’s an episode of Noah’s show on the Tasted channel where he samples Glazed Doughnut Flavored Vodka (appropriate after this post from last week!):

And here’s the viral video Billy made with the Harvard Sailing Team, Boys Will Be Girls (Billy’s the guy all the way on the right):

Thanks to Billy and Noah for coming over, it was a great night. And, as always, if you want to listen in iTunes or download the episode to your phone so you can listen while you drive, click here. (While you’re there, take a second and review the show! That would be such a nice thing to do.) Happy listening.

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