The Clean Plate Club, Episode #3: Drew Droege, Ganda Suthivarakom

Baked Ziti was on the menu for Episode #3 of The Clean Plate Club (along with that disastrous/not-so-disastrous chocolate cake) when I made dinner for one of the funniest people I know, Drew Droege, and one of the original founding-father/mother food bloggers, Ganda Suthivarakom of Eat Drink One Woman. If you don’t know Drew by name, you probably know his work; he’s a major player at The Groundlings (back in the day, he did improv with Kristen Wiig; something we talk about in the podcast), appears in various movies and TV Shows and is probably best known for the character he created for YouTube, his riff on Chloe Sevigny–“Chloe”–that’s something of a viral sensation. Here’s a taste of that.

Ganda’s been blogging since July 2004 (I have her beat by a few months!) and, for a long time, she ran for Saveur Magazine. (She even teaches you how to pronounce it in the podcast.) She recently moved back to L.A. after 14 years in New York, so we talk all about that too. Here’s everyone at the table:


One of the highlights of the podcast came when Lolita hopped up on the table and tried to eat the Ziti. Here’s a picture of that:


You can listen right here in the embedded player above or download us in iTunes and play the podcast in your car (which I did yesterday to make sure it was good. It is!) Next week, I may break format a little bit with a VERY special guest. But I can’t make promises, so you’ll have to tune back in. Happy listening!

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