The Best Food Bloggers of All Time — I'm pretty flattered/honored to be #11 on First We Feast's list of the Best Food Bloggers of All Time. Their description of me made me laugh ("Roberts is that kind of annoying eager beaver who keeps knocking at your door and doing a different act, until eventually you're just like, 'Goddamn, this guy is talented.'") I have some quibbles with the list--too many established food writers who happen to blog, not enough genuine food bloggers--but, still, this made my day.

  • Amina Elahi

    Well deserved! Congratulations, Adam. It’s a joy to read your blog.

  • RJ

    Congratulations, but in my book your number 1!

  • sweetfrancaise

    Well deserved indeed!! You’re certainly one of my favorites.

  • Pat Machin

    Well deserved. You should have been higher in that list!

  • Katie Rose

    You were my very first food blog to come across and I still check back daily (sometimes multpile times). You earned it (although I think you should be higher).

  • tanya

    Great, Adam. You deserve it, love your blog. Hugs, T.

  • meigancam

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