Nothing To Cook For Breakfast? Make Breakfast Anyway

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Waking up on the weekend, one doesn’t want to get dressed. One wants to throw on a pair of shorts, veg out on the couch, listen to music and possibly read the newspaper. One–and I’m pretty much talking about myself here–definitely doesn’t want to go to the grocery store to buy breakfast ingredients. So what to do when there aren’t enough breakfast ingredients to make a normal breakfast? You make breakfast anyway.

The best strategy for this is to raid your freezer and see what you find. Last weekend, I did just that and what did I find? Frozen leftovers from that time I hosted a Make Your Own Taco Night. That’s chorizo, beans and onions cooked together. I took the whole thing, frozen, plopped it into a pan, added a little water, turned up the heat and waited. 15 minutes later, with some stirring and tasting, I had this.


That picture may not make your stomach growl because, ya know, meat and beans together in a pot isn’t the sexiest thing. So how to make it look nicer?

In my refrigerator I had TWO eggs and a little leftover arugula. I tossed the arugula with olive oil and lemon juice, salt and pepper, and then fried the eggs in olive oil. To present this, I spooned the beef/bean mixture into bowls, put arugula around the periphery and the fried egg in the middle.


Amazing what a little dressing up can do. And amazing how putting a fried egg on something suddenly transforms it into breakfast.

I didn’t have to spend a dime to make this and it tasted as good as something you might pay $14 for at a fancy brunch place. So this weekend: be bold, be inventive and be frugal. If you’re unsure, just do what I do: put an egg on it. See you back here on Monday!

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  • NancyRing

    That looks yummy!!

  • Anonymous

    Sing it: “If you like it then you should have put an egg on it”

  • Rachel Lester

    Lol at Jen! I was thinking of this song as I read Adam’s last line! However, seriously, who wants to eat beef for breakfast????

  • Rachel Lester

    Or salad for breakfast?

  • Anonymous

    This is my kinda breakfast…I love going deepfrost diving…

  • Ed Crotty

    Breakfast is so easy to make at home, and soooo expensive to go out for. Eggs are $1.29 a dozen. Only 11¢ per egg. 12¢ with tax.

  • Kathleen Neumark

    But…Corned Beef Hash!

  • Anna Posekany

    with an egg on it!

  • Anna Posekany

    More like 1.89 here, but yes even still – one of the cheapest (best, dare I say?) meals to eat in and not break the bank.

    Now, if you can convince my mates that breakfast counts as dinner I might be able to take the entire summer off! :)

  • i heart salt

    I just put arugula with my rye toast and poached egg for the 1st time…it was so good, I gave the rest of my ham to the Hubby.
    And I never give away ham.
    But the arugula & egg combo is out of this world!!

  • Randi Durham

    Great advice!

  • Frank Lewis

    I eat a big and thick pancake for breakfast,still hungry…..

    Is it enough to eat beef with an egg on it ?

  • mtm

    looks pretty gourmet to me