Where Does It All Go?

This weekend I experienced an existential crisis. “What am I doing with my life? Why am I doing it? Where is this blog going? How does this all end?” At some point I realized that after nine years of blogging about food, I’ve been putting the emphasis on the wrong place. After all, we’re all so fixated on what we put into our bodies–millions of food blogs focused on beautiful pictures of the food we eat–and no one out there is documenting what becomes of the food we eat. Isn’t that just as fascinating? Can’t that be just as beautiful?

I realize this change will be abrupt for most readers which is why I’d like to begin the blog transition slowly. For my first entry on the subject, I’ve decided to present it as a slideshow of what became of all of March’s meals with an oral commentary performed by the actor Edward James Olmos. To experience this extravaganza of the spirit, CLICK HERE and gird yourself for a powerful narrative experience.

Thank you all for supporting my blog as it was all this time; I hope you enjoy this new direction almost as much as you enjoy One Direction, assuming you enjoy One Direction and who doesn’t? Taylor Swift, I guess.