Nine Years

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Nine years ago I wrote this and my life changed. Thank you all for continuing to make this blog a place where I can share recipes, tell emotional stories, make cartoons about trips to fancy restaurants, write songs, reenact the fall of Saigon from “Miss Saigon” with eggs in my microwave and procure advice about where to eat when I travel. Without you there to cheer me on, I’m not sure how far I would’ve gotten. So thanks for making these nine years so much fun…you’ve allowed me to support myself doing something that I love. This is your celebration too.

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  • Marielle

    9 years is a century in the blogger world. Congratulations!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations – you’ve certainly achieved your goals and beyond.

  • Lynn Chen

    congrats! i’m so bummed i couldn’t see the fall of saigon video; i’m a huge miss saigon fan as evidenced by this post dedicated to the opening number:

  • TK2

    Here’s to 9 more!!

  • Penny C

    Congratulations & thank you for a great blog which I always look forward too so much.

  • Jennifer Duque

    Congratulations, Adam! I’ve been enjoying your blog for many years and very encouraged and inspired by your success. Here’s to many more!

  • Julia Agnes


  • Shared Appetite

    Congrats Adam! Wow, 9 blogging years! That’s like 152 human years, right?

  • Anonymous

    Awesome. Congratulations on this milestone! Here’s to many more years to come.

  • Erica

    Thank YOU for the great blog, it’s always a pleasure to read. I loved your song about pesky waiters. I just tried to watch the “Miss Saigon” clip but it’s blocked because I’m in Australia :( (Trying to entertain myself through a stifling heatwave, going through your archived summer posts) Oh, I made your peach, tomato and mozzarella salad with fresh fruit from my mum’s garden, and it was the BEST! Thanks again and keep up the hard work :)

  • Mike

    Great job and congrats for the fantastic success of your 9 year journey!

  • Katherine @ eggton

    I think it’s awesome that in your first ever post you included the truly incredible sentence:

    Are you tired of not having salmonella?

    Congratulations on 9 years!

  • Soqui

    Congratulations! You are doing a fantastic job and I can’t wait to see what the next years of great eats will bring!

  • NancyRing

    Your blog is now a part of my life – thank you for sharing. I also opened every link to insure I haven’t missed a thing!