Easy Pumpkin Bread


For as long as I’ve been cooking, I’ve been making the pumpkin bread you see in the above photo. (Proof: see this old post from 2004.) It’s one of the easiest recipes I know–dump a bunch of stuff into a bowl, stir it together, and bake it–and the rewards are rich: the scent of cinnamon and nutmeg will waft softly from the oven as you do the dishes and because the recipe makes two loaves, you can freeze one of them to enjoy later on in the month. The only tricky ingredient you’ll need to find is a can of pumpkin and that’s not tricky at all.

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Eating Rudolph

I think Lindy Groening, my banner illustrator (see her previous work here), deserves a standing ovation for this month’s macabre Christmas celebration. It’s a claymation me! And thanks to Raphael Brion making it happen in a technological sense. Happy Holidays.

The “It Gets Better” Book

I just received an amazing e-mail from Dan Savage asking me if he could publish my “It Gets Better” post in the official “It Gets Better” book which’ll be published by Penguin in 2011. Of course I said “yes” and I’m beyond honored; apparently the book will also feature essays from David Sedaris, Michael Cunningham and President Obama. To read my original post, you can do so here.

One Chicken, Two Dinners (Roast Chicken with Parsnips & Potatoes / A Chicken Burrito) + Stock


When I was writing my first book, I had a chapter called “Stretch a Chicken” in which I was going to try to stretch one chicken over as many meals as I could. That chapter never materialized but last week I found myself stretching a chicken without really thinking about it. I made two dinners and froze the carcass for chicken stock. Both dinners were excellent and, because I used the same chicken, relatively cheap. Here’s what I did.

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Last Night’s Piglet Party

Just want to do a quick post to say how much fun I had emceeing last night’s Food52 Piglet Party. Highlights for me: Gabrielle Hamilton (one of my all-time favorite chefs and food writers) & Christopher Hirsheimer (the legendary food photographer) loudly chiming in from the floor during Frank Bruni’s panel discussion about “food porn”; funny hijinks during the raffle (Merrill pulled a ticket and when she called the number her husband had the winning ticket; the crowd wasn’t having it; then when I called the next ticket, my agent won!); talking to Gabrielle Hamilton afterwards I told her how much I loved her post in the Canal House cookbook. “My post?” “Ha, sorry, your essay…I’m a blogger so I think everything’s a post.” Thanks again to Amanda, Merrill & Charlotte for having me and for those who missed it, here are some great pictures on Metromix.