Women with Food on Their Faces in Recent Movies


I noticed a curious phenomenon yesterday at the movies. I was seeing “Sex and the City 2” (which I expected to hate and actually enjoyed) when a trailer for the new Drew Barrymore romantic comedy “Going the Distance” came on screen. And in this mildly amusing trailer, Drew Barrymore gets BBQ sauce all over her face (screenshot above) and Justin Long kisses it off. Ok, fair enough.

Then a preview came on for the new Katherine Heigel romantic comedy (which looks God-awful) “Life as We Know It.” And Katherine Heigel had baby poop on her face:


Granted poop isn’t food–it’s the byproduct of food–but stay with me here.

When “Sex and the City 2” started I put this strange phenomenon out of my mind. Then Mr. Big made Carrie Osso Bucco:


And guess where that Osso Bucco ended up? You got it: on Carrie’s face. “You have sauce on your face,” Mr. Big says as he either wipes it or kisses it off.

So what’s the deal here?

Two theories from my friends Patty and Lauren, both feminists….

Lauren argues that this food-on-the-face phenomenon is about the humiliation of women. It’s a way to diminish them, to make them seem clownish or foolish as befits their station in the patriarchy.

Patty has another theory, but it’s not very safe for work. Suffice it to say that food, in these scenes, is a stand-in for something else; something you might see in your average, every day porno.

Either way, it’s a strange trend at the movies these days (anyone notice the reverse? Men with food on their face?) Let’s hope Hollywood screenwriters come up with a new gimmick to bring couples together–one that doesn’t involve food, faces and feces.

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